Recital under Contract Law

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Recital Under Contract Law: Understanding Its Importance

When drafting a contract, it`s essential to ensure that all terms and conditions are clearly outlined and agreed upon by all parties involved. One important aspect of contract drafting is the inclusion of recitals. In this article, we`ll discuss what recitals are and why they`re essential in contract law.

What are Recitals?

Recitals, also known as “preamble clauses,” are introductory statements in a contract that explain the background, purpose, and objectives of the agreement. They set out the context for the agreement and provide a clear understanding of the intentions behind the contract. Recitals provide an overview of the parties, their relationship, and the reason for entering into the contract.

Recitals typically include information regarding the following:

The parties involved in the contract

Their prior business relationship, if applicable

The purpose of the contract

The terms of the contract

Legal considerations that led to the contract

Important facts that led to the formation of the contract

Why are Recitals Important?

Recitals help to establish the context and meaning of the terms agreed upon in the contract. They provide a foundation for interpreting the contract, help identify any ambiguities, and aid in establishing the intent and understanding of the parties at the time of contract formation.

Recitals also serve as an important tool in resolving contractual disputes. If a disagreement arises between the parties, recitals provide a basis for interpreting the terms of the agreement. They can help to clarify confusing or ambiguous language and provide insight into the intentions of the parties.

Overall, recitals help to avoid disputes about the terms and meaning of a contract. By laying out the background and purpose of the agreement, recitals ensure that all parties involved have a clear understanding of what is being agreed upon. This understanding helps to ensure that the contract functions as intended and that all parties are satisfied with the outcome.


Recitals are an essential part of contract drafting. They provide context and set the stage for the terms and conditions of the agreement. Recitals ensure that all parties have a clear understanding of the purpose of the contract and the intentions of the parties at the time of contract formation. As such, it`s essential to take the time to draft clear and concise recitals to ensure the contract functions as intended.

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